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Hundreds of people using what is taught therein on a daily basis testified, your case can’t be different.

Hundreds of people using what is taught therein on a daily basis testified, your case can’t be different.

Below Are Real Testimonies From People Getting Amazing Results

Here’s Precious.. A Busy Student Who Made Over 300k In Just 5 Days
Another is Juliet… Who Is A Stay At Home Mom. Even with babysitting, she still made over 150k in few days from her affiliate marketing business.



A Guarantee Approach To Making Tons Of Sales As An AffiliateMarketer


This Is A Guarantee Approach To Making A Lot Of Sales Via...

…your Affiliate Marketing business. 

In fact, not just your Affiliate Marketing business

As the name implies., It literally turns you into a Sales Machine

This means.. irrespective of what you sell, you’re definitely going to sell out.

Now, this is a golden opportunity for anyone who wants to stand out and take responsibility for their finances.

If you’re willing to make your first million online or willing to double or triple your finances in no time, this is a lifetime opportunity you should grab. If not for anything, for the sake of your families and people that will attain Financial Freedom through you.

Become that ONE person that will break the chain of excuses and poverty in your family and does everything possible to take your family towards abundance.

See, there are literally proven steps and techniques to make a lot of sales via Affiliate Marketing. Not just starting Affiliate Marketing like several other people struggling to make sales each day.

You must be able to stand out and be unique.

You will find out it’s actually easy to make a lot of sales daily and make a lot of money for yourself if you don’t rely on your old ways of doing things

So, follow closely…

It is good to make research and do things your own way, but if is best if you have access to quality Trainings and Mentorship

You know what this means. You have seen the outcomes when people keep trying to figure things their own way

It is not the best, most of the times, it leads to frustrations and minimal results to show.

Having access to quality training and mentorship can help fasten your journey.

Ordinarily, a journey that is supposed to take you 6 months, with the right Trainings and Mentorship, you end up spending just 1-2 months.

You can never underestimate the power of a quality training program.

What you’re about to be shown will leave you wow..

This procedure will take you step by step from a complete Newbie in Affiliate Marketing to a Pro. All you have to do is follow instructions and before you know it, you’ve waved a final goodbye to SAPA Forever


Hi There, If You're Reading This.. I Know It's Possible

Now, the Good news is that you’re in the right place.

If you have a smartphone, an internet connection and the willingness to learn and change your story for good, then you have nothing to worry about.

This was the exact thing these people had when they started their Affiliate Marketing business. Just their smartphone, internet connection and with the help of the Sales Machine Accelerator Course SMAC. They were able to make money for themselves as you can see below.

Now, The Sales Machine Accelerator Course SMAC will help you achieve this and even more

Here Are Some Of The Powerful Contents Loaded In The Course

MODULE 1: Mindset - Belief System

Having the right mindset is the No 1 key to financial abundance. You will learn how to configure your mind towards success because this is what makes the difference between you succeeding and failing

MODULE 2: Sales System Analogy - Sales Funnel/Sales Processes

There's a right way to go about your Affiliate marketing promotion and there is a wrong approach. You will learn how to go about your promotion the right way

MODULE 3: How To Design Simple Flyer With Your Smartphone

Flyers can help you make a powerful first impression and make your prospective customers know about the product you're promoting. You will learn how to design a simple but yet catchy flyers.

MODULE 4: Whatsapp Marketing & Monetization

WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app. Studies have shown that WhatsApp has a higher conversion rate. You'll be learning how best to make use of this app to generate at least 1 million Naira in the next 90 days.

MODULE 5: Learning About Product Research

This is a vital first step you need to carry out before launching your promotion proper. These therefore gives you insight into the product you're promoting as well as your potential customers.

MODULE 6: Lead Generation Techniques

Part of what you will learn in the SMAC Course is how to consistently generate leads for your business. More LEADS -> Increased SALES -> Huge PROFITS/COMMISSION

SECTION 1: Organic Traffic Method

Even if you don’t have money for paid advert, you will learn how to generate leads for Free using some proven techniques taught in the course.

SECTION 2: Paid Advert

With paid advert, you can reach thousands of interested buyers even in a day. You will learn how to generate massive leads and sell out whatever you’re selling.

MODULE 7: Learning The Art Of Copywriting - What You Should Know

If you really want to make huge sales and become a top affiliate in no time then you will need to master how to craft a great sales copy. You will be learning exactly how to do this

MODULE 8: Sales Closing Strategies

This is a major part of the sales process that has to do with convincing your prospects to buy from you. As you can see, this is a very crucial part of the selling process that you going to learn in this SMAC course

MODULE 9: Objection Handling Techniques

Here you going to be learning how to handle objection the right way This is one thing you can't avoid in sales Objections in sales is not bad. It shows that customers have some concerns that needs to be addressed In this SMAC course, you're going to learn how to handle these objections the right way and even reduce it to almost zero.

The TOTAL Price of the Sales Machine Accelerator Course SMAC Is Worth Over N170,000

Because You Stayed To This Point, you're Also Going To Be Getting Some...

Amazing Bonuses Worth Over N40,000 For FREE


How To Effectively Run Paid YouTube Advert

Here, you will learn an alternative way of generating massive leads for your business. As you already know that more leads equal more sales. 

You will learn how to run a paid YouTube ads the right way.

(WORTH N15,000 – It’s FREE, If You Buy SMAC Today!)


How To Create A Simple Landing Page With Your Smartphone

The landing page helps create awareness for your product.

It also gives you insight and help produce data for your campaign

You will learn how to create a simple landing page with just your smartphone

(WORTH N5,000 – It’s FREE, If You Buy SMAC Today!)


How To Optimise All Your Social Media Accounts And Monetize Them

Optimising your social media gives you a better chance of being seen by your potential customers

In the SMAC course you’re going to learn the various techniques to do this

(WORTH N5,000 – It’s FREE, If You Buy SMAC Today!)


Access to ONE Year Free Zenithstake Affiliate Account

(WORTH N10,000 – It’s FREE, If You Buy SMAC Today!)


Lifetime Access To Our 7-Figure Weekly Live Training Sessions/Support Group (Priceless)


Total Price Of The Sales Machine Accelerator SMAC Course (N170,000) + All The Bonuses (N40,000)


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Here Are Some Of The Courageous People Who Decided To Take Control Of Their Finances via Affiliate Marketing

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The Sales Machine Accelerator SMAC Course is a step by step guide and implementation course that walks you through everything you need to do as far as Affiliate Marketing is concerned.

It helps you move from zero to N500,000 in 90 Days or less on Zenithstake

Getting the Sales Machine Accelerator SMAC Course also gives you a 1 year FREE Access on Zenithstake platform as an Affiliate to promote any product of your choice

No, far from it. Anyone can do this. For the first time in history, everyone now has a level playing ground with the invention of the internet. 

So far you’re ready to learn, follow instructions and implement. Result is guaranteed.

We’ve seen secondary school students, undergraduates and even a dropout who started this business and achieved great results with it. 

So, if they can do it. Nothing should stop you from achieving such success too.

Yes, you can. Your level of determination is what matters. If you can dedicate at least 2-3 hours everyday, then it’s achievable. Several 9-5 workers are doing this already. The good thing is that the hours can be spread across the day. So, you’re good to go.

Yes, we have a support group and we also hold weekly live training sessions as well. This is to carry everybody along and also make sure you get the desired results faster.

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